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🦙⛑️ Meet Meditron: Currently, world's best performing open-source medical large language model!

Our new open source and open access 7- and 70-billion parameter large language moddel (LLM for medicine, built on the back of Llama 🦙.

Building LLMs is expensive 💨💸 💸 💸 , which prices out the voices of low-resource settings.

Making Meditron an open-source, open-access public good, will allow researchers to validate the tool in a range of challenging and under-represented healthcare settings for a fraction of the cost and without reinventing the wheel 🎡

🔗️ Distributed trainer:

🤗 Hugging Face hub:

We are excited to continue working with the innovative team at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) [Javier Elkin, Blaise Robert and Fabrice Lauper] and our dream team of clinical guideline experts [Alix Miauton, Rainer Tan, Kristina Keitel..and so many more] as we work towards representative open validation through open models!


💰 Field studies cost money. Please reach out if you can recommend funders/donors interested in helping us scale this initiative of LLMs4 humanitarian response.


Finally, I really can’t help but get sentimental 🥹 about the phenomenally talented army of 30+ students and colleagues with whom I had the honor of working on this massive project. When you are making something to contribute to a public good, the energy is contagious 🌬️🌈


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